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The dining room is the heart of every home, a place to gather for family dinners and gatherings filled with laughter. But sometimes, it becomes a forgotten corner if not decorated or used properly. Fear not; the right dining table set in Dubai will transform your dining room into a place to enjoy all your meals. This blog will discuss some styles and benefits that can bring more aesthetics to your dining room. 

Casual everyday Setting:

It’s better to start with a casual setting to decorate the dining table set in Dubai. You can arrange your table in different ways to achieve a classy look, such as: 

  • Tablecloth or Placemat: Choose a base that is easily maintained and complements the decor. Go for neutral colours like beige or cream, which can create a clean canvas, while light patterns like stripes or polka dots can add your personality touch. 
  • Dinnerware: The focus is on the furniture’s specifics and ability to serve multiple purposes. White and basic dinner plates and bowls are perfect for any type of meal and can easily match any type of food. Choose simple plates in one colour if you have patterned placemats or a tablecloth for good colour coordination.
  • Cutlery: Keep it simple! Place the knife and spoon to the right of the plate, with the cutting edge turned inwards. The fork is placed to the left of the plate, with the tines facing up. You do not have to prepare a grand meal for the normal meals you will be taking throughout the day.
  • Glasses: The wine glasses are perfect for casual occasions, and one glass should be enough for one person. Select a glass that you prefer for your everyday beverages—a tumbler for water or juice or a highball glass for tea or cocktails.
  • Napkins: Cloth napkins look more formal and are biodegradable, while paper napkins are also suitable for normal use. Organise them neatly and put them either on the plate or by the side of the cutlery to easily access them.

Elegant Formal Setting

The elegant formal setting can drastically change your dining table set in Dubai. It is important to consider these settings to match the vibes of the Dubai environment. 

  • Tablecloth: It is better to choose a tablecloth made from a material like linen or damask. You can choose a rich colour like burgundy or emerald green for dramatic effect or to create a timeless pattern. 
  • Dinnerware: Bring out your best china set. You can choose a matching set that includes dinner plates, salad plates and different-sized soup bowls. You can layer the plates for a formal presentation. You can start with a large charger plate at the bottom, then the dinner plate and then the soup bowl on top. 
  • Cutlery: This is where the “order of use” rule is applied. Place the cutlery on the outside, starting from the outside and moving inwards based on the order they will be used in during the meal. The knife should be placed on the right side of the plate with the blade end placed towards the plate and the spoon placed right next to the knife. On the left side, arrange the forks from right to left based on their usage, with the salad fork being in the outermost position and the dinner fork nearer to the plate. For extra-fine dining, place the dessert forks and spoons above the plate, preferably lying horizontally.
  •  Glassware: Several glasses indicate a more formal occasion. Usually, a water glass, a white wine glass, and a red wine glass are positioned above the knife on the right side as they are used in the process.
  •  Napkins: Cloth napkins must be folded neatly into a fan or triangle and placed either on the charger plate or slightly above the forks to the left.
  •  Centrepiece: Turn up the volume with an elegant table decoration. A vase with flowers is always a good idea, especially if the vase is made of crystal. Additional lighting, such as candles in holders or a bowl with crystals or ornaments, can also add a touch of luxury.


In conclusion, you can arrange your dining table set in different ways according to your personal taste. They can be arranged with minimal designs or luxurious designs. It’s better to arrange the items to look attractive so that all the family members can easily dine together and have quality time. At Antique Furniture, we have some unique dining sets made for different living rooms in Dubai.

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