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Shop Our Exquisite and Affordable TV Stand Variety in Dubai

The Antiques Furniture knows well how to augment the luxurious look of your house. Our TV stand category encompasses elite products to support multiple sizes of televisions and also highlight the vacant spaces in your house.

The high-quality images and understandable features offer detailed descriptions of our TV stand tables. Zooming in these pictures will exhibit every quarter of these stands, making your product selection easier.

Tips to Use and Install The Antiques Furniture TV Stand Collection

Our products perfectly align with your furnished or unfurnished house. They are best placed in living rooms, lounge areas, dining rooms, bedrooms, halls, and even guest rooms. You can also buy our pooja temples for home and place in conjunction with these stands.

Another prominent advantage is the presence of storage areas in our TV stand range. Multiple shelves and drawers are suitable for containing books, electronic gadgets, keys, and decoration pieces. Our beautiful coffee and side tables will look perfect adjacent to our TV stand Dubai range. You have to make sure to choose blending shades and styles.

Moreover, our TV stand products encompass different styles, including contemporary, traditional, Asian, Arabic, and simple. Depending on the interior design of a household, they can fit in like a pro. Our wood TV stand reflects the utmost properties of furniture and, therefore, will look appropriate with any wooden items placed in a house.

Also, our TV stands Dubai collection comprises lighter shades to enhance the calmness and modern outlook. For the placement, you can opt for the middle of the walls, corners, and even in indoor courtyards. Glass doors, plants, and fireplaces will never seem odd around our masterpieces.

These TV cabinets also have firm support to carry heavy weight. They can conveniently carry hefty items alongside televisions. Moreover, the space under these cabinets aids in the cleaning process. To beautify its area, you can buy our mirror frames to place on these stands or hang somewhere near them.

A TV stand with a mount will help to adjust the height. You can make this adjustment according to the decoration hanging on the wall, such as lights or chandeliers. Furthermore, you do not have to overdesign these stands of that area because their embellishments, colors, and style do all the work.

Salient Features of Our TV Stand UAE Collection

Size Variations

To buy a TV stand in Dubai, considering the size variations is highly important. Although the upper portions of our products are quite long and wide, you can still contact us or view the product descriptions on our website. Even a 65 inch TV stand is available in our stock.

Another of the suitable size variation entail TV stand 55 inch. LCDs of 24, 32, 42, and 70 to 80 inches are also adjustable.

Variety of Colors and Designs

Most of the products in our TV stand range have brown hues, including lighter or darker shades. They are earthy tones and set well in a simple as well as extravagant room. People of all ethnicities and fashion tastes will adore shopping for TV stands in Dubai for their households. Besides, they are perfect to give a wild outlook to your house as well. There is a bit of black in our assortment as well.

The designs of our TV stand Dubai collection can suit professional environments as well. If you admire having a television corner in your office and letting your employees have quality time around it, you can place an order without any hesitation.


If you compare our TV stand Dubai collection with other furniture outlets, there is a prominent difference in prices. We do not only concentrate on the luxury aspect, but affordability is essential as well to satisfy our buyers. We love to stand out; hence, our products succeed in providing efficient functionality with reduced prices.

Aesthetic Benefits

Along with the efficient functionality, the overall beauty of the TV stand collection is incomparable. We use the finest materials to give a blend of antique and contemporary look. Moreover, their aesthetic ability is durable as well. Any sort of add-ons or colors on this furniture can stay on for decades.

Accurate Description

The TV stands Dubai assortment’s product description is accurate. We always publish the honest details. Whatever you will see on our web pages is absolutely true. Nothing is exaggerated, and if you need more information, you can ask us anytime or submit your questions via our online form.

Submit Queries

As we cited earlier, any queries related to price, product quality, shipment, or features of our TV stand products are easier to submit. You can let us know your name and fill out the form, or you can call us anytime.

Why Is Our TV Stand Assortment Outstanding?

Being a reliable home furniture store in Dubai, we definitely satisfy our customers’ needs or requirements. We collect detailed data from you regarding our TV stand collection with the help of our alert customer care team. Our experts offer consultation for the best placement of furniture, like wooden TV stands in your house or office.

Besides, your order can encompass more than one category. For instance, you can place an online purchase of our dining tables as well as our modern TV cabinets In Dubai. Some of these products are also on sale; therefore, we are the perfect opportunity for you to avail furniture at discounted prices.

For certain prices of your placed order, we also provide free shipping currently. If your order is above 1000 AED, you can enjoy costless home delivery. Also, the safe and fast shipment will retain the quality of products and save you time as compared to many other furniture sellers.

While surfing stands for televisions on this page, you can apply filters. For example, in terms of sales and feedback, we have categorized some products into the popular category. Also, you can sort products by lower to higher price filter. If the latest collection entices you the most, you are welcome to apply that filter as well.