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We all want to add a new and stylish coffee table to our Dubai homes to make our lounges stylish and functional. Choosing the right coffee table for your lounge is the most important thing. In this blog, we will see how coffee tables can be stylish and functional simultaneously. For this, at antique furniture, we have a variety of coffee tables, including antique ones, to improve your experience. 

Space and Style: Setting the Stage

The first step is to understand the needs of your Dubai lounge. To this end, you must consider these options for the coffee table. 

  • Compact Comfort: If you have limited space, consider a space-saving coffee table first. It can save you a large amount of space. A clear glass coffee table is the best option. It is lightweight and considered airy, making the view clearer for more space. It also allows lights to pass freely. The round coffee tables are another good option for space-saving, taking less space than others. 
  • Spacious Statement: A large living room means that you can afford to be a little daring when choosing furniture. A large rectangular coffee table should be able to define the centre of the space and be the room’s focal point. If you want to add a touch of modern sophistication, you should go for a metal coffee table with some shape and a sleek, minimalist design.

Functional Coffee Tables: Features for Everyday Life

The coffee table should be stylish and functional. Here are some features to consider while buying a functional coffee table in Dubai 

Storage Savvy: Ottomans with storage compartments are a lifesaver, especially for small rooms. They are useful for guests because they offer additional seating and tight storage space to place blankets, pillows or magazines so they do not lie around the living room aimlessly. This is particularly helpful in Dubai, seeing as apartments are usually more limited in their storage space. Ottomans are available in different designs to complement your home’s decor, ranging from tufted leather types that give a touch of elegance to woven basket types that introduce a rustic, ethnic flavour to your home.

Coffee Table with Drawers or Shelves: An ideal piece of furniture that will complement the decor of your Dubai lounge and help you create more space is a coffee table with drawers or shelves. Drawers are also useful for storing items you do not wish to be seen in plain sight like coasters, remote controls or games. Shelves are used to store items such as books and magazines or as decorative items to be placed in an open area. A glass or mesh material for the shelves of a coffee table should be preferred because it does not make the space look cramped. If you want to keep everything simple and sleek, it is better to go for closed drawers with plain and straight edges.

Material Matters: Choosing for Dubai Climate 

The hot Dubai climate matters a lot when choosing coffee tables for your home. They should be made of a material that can withstand the heat. 

  • Heat and Humidity Resistant: Marble, granite, and other stones are beautiful and can withstand the heat and humidity of Dubai. The city’s landscape is ideal for this kind of stone.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Glass and metal coffee tables are very easy to clean and maintain hence, they will be very suitable for most homes. They have a sleek look that does not require much cleaning; therefore, you will not spend much time cleaning them.
  • Wood with Care: Wood can provide warmth and beauty to any room, but it is important to select those types of hardwoods that do not absorb moisture easily. Sealed finishes also help to protect the finishes from the high humidity. 

Finding the Right Coffee Table

 It’s better to do some research before choosing the right coffee table. The right table will increase the worth of your place. They are available in different designs and structures. You can use them in different ways. Another important thing is to choose the right place as well before purchasing. At Antique Furniture, we have a wide variety of coffee tables available at the best prices. You can easily shop from the website. They are all made of the finest quality material.

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