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book rack in Dubai

Bibliophiles love to read books and to have different collections. The main problem arises when book lovers want to arrange their books and need help finding the right thing to keep them. For this, the book rack in Dubai is the priority to set your books in the best way. This blog will discuss major tips and tricks for arranging books in a book rack. At Antique Furniture, we have some stylish and functional book racks that make it easy to arrange your books. 

Categorise Your Books

It’s better to categorise your books according to the author’s name and their genre or subject. It will make it easy for you to find the book you want to read or want to find something in it. Also, this helps create a cohesive look on your shelf.  

Vertical and Horizontal Stacking 

If you arrange the books according to vertical and horizontal stacking, it can add visual interest. You can place the larger books horizontally to function as bookends for the vertically arranged ones. This can help create stability in the books and break the sequence of rows. 

Arranging by colours 

You can arrange the books according to a colour scheme for a good visual effect. This can create a more artistic effect on your book rack. Book racks in Dubai are usually made with different and stylish patterns. The colour arrangement will bring more style to the rack. For this, a rainbow arrangement or shifting the colours from light to dark can produce an aesthetic effect in your room. 

Add Decorative items 

Add decorative items such as vases, picture frames or small sculptures. They can add a good and appealing effect to the book racks in Dubai homes. You can use these items as bookends and fill in the gaps. This will add new personality to your book racks for your Dubai homes.  

Use Shelf Dividers 

Shelf dividers keep your books organised and in a straight line. They are helpful if you have a large collection of books and are fond of reading more. You can choose a divider that suits the colour scheme of your book rack. It can bring a new aesthetic to your room.  

Rotate your collection 

You should occasionally rotate your book collection. Try to store some books away and bring them out when needed. Don’t overstuff the book rack. This will change its outlook and allow all your books to be displayed. 

Arrange the book placement.

 The books you read the most should be placed at eye level for easy access. Place the books you do not read often on the back. This makes it easy for you so that you can read your favourite books again and again.

Label Your Shelves 

Label your shelves to make them look more organised. Use labels written with different-coloured markers. This can make your book rack more colourful and useful if you have a large and diverse collection. 

Proper Lightening 

To make your book rack in dubai more attractive, you can use fairy lights. These lights will help you reach your books more clearly.  You can also opt for some LED strips or small spotlights to improve it. It can create a cosy ambience as well. 

Keep it Clean 

Clean the book rack properly and keep it dust-free. This will keep your books more secure and look more appealing. You can use a soft cloth to wipe down the book rack and the shelves. It will increase the beauty of your place. 


Putting your books in order on a bookshelf in Dubai is a great way to add flair to a basic piece of furniture and affect your unique tastes and creative vision. Whether you arrange your books according to genre, author, or subject, categorising them will guarantee convenient access and an arranged appearance. Combining vertical and horizontal stacking gives your display a dynamic touch that breaks up the sequence and improves your bookshelf’s aesthetics while adding more beauty to your place. At Antique Furniture, you can find book racks in various styles and sizes according to your specific taste and requirements. 

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