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Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Grand with Minimal Home Décor

If you’re one for transforming your home into an aesthetically impressive space yet can’t spend beyond a certain budget limit, we’ve got two words for you.

Minimalistic décor!

Ever since minimalism became trendy, starting out with wearable fashion and moving on to interior design, those who appreciate grand indoor space and un-extravagant shopping have found their bliss.

Plus, adopting a minimalist taste in furnishings and decorative pieces is not always about spending less. The fewer things you have in your home, the more your peace of mind and ease of moving around!

Grand-Minimal Home Décor – A Simple Guide

Let’s get started. The end goal for your home is a grand look with minimal pieces, and we’ve got some amazing yet simple-to-follow pointers.

  • Opt For Simple Structures & Clean Lines

Flat and sleek surfaces encapsulate the word ‘minimal.’ Once upon a time, grad décor meant as many traditional carvings as possible. Now coined as the term ‘antique,’ this style of furnishing is still considered lavish but not exactly minimal.

Truly minimal structures have cleaner lines and fewer curves. Carvings in the middle of a closet or drawers can comprise modern patterns too.

However, if you favor traditional styles more than contemporary ones and want to stick to the exquisite minimal theme, go for flat textures in wooden pieces rather than ornate carvings. Your furniture should be streamlined and lacking intricate detailing for a minimal vibe.

  • Throw In A Few Curves For Depth

We’ve established that furniture that has more sleek edges and is devoid of elaborate details is the hallmark of minimal décor. However, you still need to add some curves. Otherwise, your home exudes a ‘flatter’ feel than a more profound one and may even take on an office-like look.

Add some variety in shapes—the key word here being ‘some.’ For example, throw a round ottoman in an otherwise straight couch set. Add round or curved mirrors on the wall.

For coffee table and TV stand décor, choose rounds and ovals to add further depth—and make your room look more expensively designed.

Choose Appealing Multipurpose Pieces

Minimal décor is not just contemporary furniture. It’s necessary contemporary furniture. The more room you leave for walking while maintaining everything useful and beautiful in a room is what makes that space sophisticatedly luxurious.

Therefore, choose minimalistic, contemporary furniture that is perfect for storage and other purposes. Instead of a wall shelf-cum-TV unit, go for a minimal TV stand in a modern or antique style as per your choice, but with adequate storage space.

Some other examples of multipurpose minimal furniture are window seats and ottomans with storage, sleeper sofas, coffee tables with slim drawers from TV remotes and other accessories, and so on. Choose striking pieces while ensuring that each of these is practical.

Add Some Antique Decorations Around

Do you know what screams ‘grand’ in a minimal room? Antique pieces.

Adding one or two antique decorations to your living room or bedroom not only creates depth but also helps inject culture and history. Your room exudes an aura of wisdom, plus your antique décor makes a great conversation starter at any party!

A single piece of antique décor works the charm of a handful of ordinary ornate pieces. That said, don’t overdo the carved tissue boxes and mini animal sculptures. Select a couple of grand pieces per room, and watch these introduce a bespoke, splendid feel to that space!

Check Your Wooden-to-Metallic Ratio

Metallic furnishing and decorative pieces are all the rage, but the key to working these in minimal deco is to not overdo them. Metallic pieces are accent pieces rather than the main characters in a space that’s meant to radiate luxury. The ideal ratio of wood to metal in any room is this: for every three wood items you have, add one metallic one for a graceful architectural flow.

An antique silver leafy wall piece, a wooden TV console with golden touches and handles, champagne-toned side tables, and more—these are some examples of things that can add a luxe vibe to a room. Less is more when it comes to metallics in home décor.

Lean Toward A Neutral Color Palette

When cruising social media, notice what most celebs and influencers have in common in their homes. Got your answer?

Here’s a hint: beiges and browns, whites and greys, and other earthy tones. All soft hues, with contrasts thrown in every once in a while. We’re talking about a neutral interior décor palette.

Neutral colors give a clean and fresh look and induce a sense of calm in a space. Plus, these colors are very, very versatile.

You can choose neutral paints without compromising the open and airy feel. Add neutral wall décor in slightly darker hues to harmoniously match your décor. Sofas, tables, TV consoles, bed frames, and other furniture are easy enough to pick out in a neutral shade since these are highly popular, and you will find a wide variety to choose from!

Declutter & Organize All Surfaces

Finally, and the most straightforward tip to follow for exquisitely minimal home décor is this: clean up the mess. The overcrowded coffee table, the pile-up of ornate dishes and mugs you’ve got going on the shelves, every single inch of a flat surface containing something or the other—all of this goes away starting today.

Instead, go for a few choice pieces. You may need to invest in these a bit more than you usually do on decoration, but it’s worth it.

Add a couple of artistic books to the coffee table, along with a low-height plain or patterned vase. On your shelves or TV console, add a caddy or wicker basket for remotes and other accessories to avoid the mess, and maybe a couple of complementing vases with fresh flowers.

Bottom Line

Now that you know the key tips for minimal-luxe décor, it’s time to shop some exceptional home décor pieces. Head over to The Antiques Furniture and browse a selection of minimal and traditional furniture and ornamentations to start revamping your home in a minimalist, luxurious theme today!

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